Family Portraits…..before shoot day

When you hire me to create some beautiful family photographs theres a few things you need to know and a few decisions to make before the day of the shoot ......

Here’s a few things to consider……..

  • You need to think about what end product your looking for - a photobook / USB / Framed image as often this can influence the style and location of the family portrait shoot, especially when you consider colour themes and the type of photo shoot we aim for!

  • In the pre-shoot consultation we will discuss the shoot in depth, but you need to consider what style of photography you are looking for. For example are you looking for a posed family group image with several family members and generations invloved or something a little more dynamic with just the kids.
  • This brings me nicely to what to wear for the shoot day. I find that something smart but comfortable is always best, something your proud to be photographed in but not so restricting that it makes you feel uncomfortbale in any way.

  • Its best to wear neutral colours so the emphasis in the photograph is on peoples faces and not their clothing and for this reason avoid large logos / wording on tops and spots/stripes etc as they all distract the eye.

  • The location of the family photo shoot is also key, somewhere that has a nice background, is their a local park or a beach your famailiar with, if so lets go there as it will often help kids relax in familiar surroundings.

  • If you have really young kids its best to avoid a shoot anywhere near nap time for obvious reasons and with kids in general bring along a ball/ toys etc to give them something to focus on between shots and often included in photos too !

Making Family Memories