What is Personal Branding ?

Personal Branding photography is about maximising the image of you. Whether it be in your own business or simply for your Social Media profiles. You need to invest in professional photography if you want your visuals to help deliver your career aims or business message and personality.

In this fast paced world of quick decision making, first impressions do count.....its as simple as that.

Your Personal Branding is about influencing the way consumers not only think about your business or product but also how they view its biggest asset - YOU

Therefore PB photography has a huge role to play in your business and can therfore directly impact your success or failure, especially in a service orientated business. 

Your images are often the first port of call for new potential leads and you need to be mindful of what they say about you and your business. It is essential that they convey a clear and consistent message and make your website shine.

Having a large bank of images to draw upon when needed also saves you time and money as well as sending that clear and consistent message out across all your social media platforms, posts, newsletters, marketing material, editorial features even on your business card or e mail signature...the possibilities are endless

We sit down together and talk about your business, its origins and your ambitions for it and together establish the best way to portray this in stunning professional imagery. Images that simply tell the story of you and your business in a clear and consistent way.

With our considerable business and business photography experience we can advise on everything from styling and location, down to make up and what to wear etc…
Whether you are trying to establish a new product or service, trying to grow your brand, or just think its time for a photographic make over we can guide you through the process.

We provide all the lighting, equipment and of course the expertise, working with you to ensure that we meet any scheduling deadlines you have for the project.