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Here are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions we get, if you have any query that isnt covered here, please do ask – I’d be only too happy to help


How would you describe your style?

 ~I encourage the bride & groom to interact with each other instead of with the camera, aiming to capture the emotional relationship that exists between the couple. There will be some subtly posed shots that I feel work well –these often depend on the couple themselves aswell as the location(s)

How Far in advance should I book?

 ~There is no such thing as too early. Obviously Fridays and Saturdays are traditionally most popular and these tend to get booked up quite early (up to two years in advance in some cases), as can some other popular dates. Send us an e mail or better still a quick call and we will check your date for you

How long do I need you for on my wedding day?

 ~This is entirely up to you, depending on what elements of the day you want photographed, but to give you some idea my usual wedding shoot day is around 8-9 hours long. This covers the Bride & groom preparations in the morning, the ceremony itself, location shots straight afterwards and then reception at the venue up until (at least) the meal sit down.

More and more often though, I am finding that more clients want me there longer into the evening to cover other evening formalities such as cake cutting, speeches and first dance.

(especially if they are getting an album as photographing longer into the evening helps round out the story of the whole day .  

How long should I allow for each part of the day to be photographed?

 ~This is something we work out together when we draw up a  photography timeline for the day. But generally speaking you can use the following as a rough guide:

Brides Preparation – 1 1/2 hrs (min)

Grooms Prep – 1 hr

Ceremony – 1hr (approx)

Location shots – 1 - 1/5 hrs ( depending on travel distances)

Reception – 2-3 hrs (depending on the timeline of events for the evening)

You also have to allow for travel time between each location for each part of the day .   

How many images do we get from the day and are they ours to use as we wish ?

 ~This is dependant on how long I am there for- but on average you will received between 400-500 images for a 7-8 hr day. (This is after editing and removal of duplicate images). 

 ~Again, absolutely, the images from your wedding day are your copyright property and not mine. We ask that we can use a select few (with your permission) on our website and for promotional purposes. 

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