What to Expect when …..

...you become my client

When you hire me to photograph your Wedding day you start a dedicated planning and organisational process that begins months before the actual day and ends with a set of beautiful wedding day images........

Here’s what we do first………

  • An initial consultation to chat about your day and get to know one another, with no obligation to book. If we're too far apart then Skype or facetime is nearly as good !

  • Once you made your decision (we hold your date for 7 days after our intial meeting so you have time to decide in your own time) we get to work

  • I put together a version 1 timeline so we can see how much time we need for each part of the day and as a whole ( this can and often does change several time before wedding day rolls around!)

  • I visit all wedding day locations (prior to the day itself) often with the Bride & Groom (but its not required), so we know exactly what we're doing on game day.

  • Although I have a myriad of ideas / my own style etc, I still like to get some input from the Bride & Groom as to shots, especially for the location shoot, it is your day after all. But if your happy to leave it all to me thats cool too !

  • We meet later on again to run through things and discuss ideas/changes etc and I am always here at the end of a phone line / email to answer any questions you have or to calm any pre-wedding nerves.

  • I love to get to know the B&G as much as possible in the time we have before your wedding day, so you have a friend who just happens to be a professional photographer on the big day.

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When you hire me to create some beautiful family photographs theres a few things you need to know and a few decisions to make before the day of the shoot ......

Here’s a few things to consider

  • Heres a few of the things you need to consider before we can begin your family photshoot...........If you want a framed image(s) where do you see them being hung in the house, this may inform the decsion on size and even overall colour theme of the shots taken on the day

  • This brings me nicely to what to wear for the shoot itslef....I find that something smart but casual is always best - something you will be proud to be photographed in but not so resticting that it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Its best to wear neutral colours so the emphasis in the photos is where it should be (on people and not clothing) and for this reason try to avoid spots/stripes or patterns/lbig logos etc.

  • The location is also key...if there is a local park/beach etc that you often visit as a family then lets go there. It has meaning to you and everyone will relax in familiar surroundings. 

  • If you have really young kids best to avoid a shoot at nap time as it will be nigh on impossible to get a smile out of an overtired and cranky baby. Also with kids in general bring along a toy/ball etc to give them something to focus on.

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Above all expect professionalism and dedication to creating the best possible imagery……