Q & A with the man behind the lens

Who are you ?

Hi, I’m Lead photographer David and Im originally from Durham in the North of England. I met my wife Kathy in 1995 while we were both holidaying on the Greek island of Crete and that holiday romance is still going 25+years later.  We have two beautiful children, Andres 11 and Lucia 5.

Outside of photography I love to run, especially mountain and trail running. Having never been blessed with great speed I try to make up for this by running stupidly long distances, the hillier the better. My dream race is the Tor des Geants, a 330km piece of insanity around the Italian Alps. One day for sure !

Whats your vision ?

I love to make photographs that capture an aspect of  someones personality, for someone who knows them to say, Yes thats them... youve got it - means a job well done. Or capturing that special secret moment between a newly married bride and groom and recording it for them for all time. I try to photograph the obvious but also the not so obvious, things that had I not been there would simply go unoticed lost forever. I shoot weddings with a very unobtrusive style, simply asking a couple to engage with each other instead of with the camera. Quite often clients comment that they forget I am even there. I love getting to know and bringing the best out of all the couples I work with.

What kind of photography do you shoot ?

My work includes Wedding, Family Photography and Business / Personal Branding photography. Each is approached with different objectives but all are about People in different aspects of their lives. Wedding Photography is all about encapsulating the love and emotion of the occasion, on a Family portrait shoot I seek to bring out each individuals character, but also try to convey an overall sense of family unity. Commercial work highlights the human face behind the business . All these genres are people centric and my purpose and drive is to capture the emotion and character that exists in reality and to try and accuratrely portray that in an image, the best way I can.

What equipment do you use ?

I use the latest Professional Canon Digital equipment, which Ive been using, in one form or another, exclusively for a over a decade. Minor post production editing is carried out in Lightroom, with additional requested editing in Photoshop. Studio lighting equipment and accessories by Elinchrom and I prefer to use Lowepro to move and protect my precious equipment. I also carry a back up of everything, from spare batteries to flash units and even a 2nd professional camera body – just in case.

What Else ?

I am big coffee fan and more than happy to meet prospective clients for a cuppa and a chat ( the coffee's on me!). As my style of photography is greatly influenced by the relationship I build with clients, I feel that a no obligation meeting is really important for everyone to see if we are the right fit for each other. Especially when your talking about wedding shoots that can last up to and sometimes over 10 hrs. However, If we live over a reasonable driving distance apart, a Skype or Facetime call can work just as well !

Other than photography…………

these things fill my life

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